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    Health Links

    Community Health:

     Pre/Postnatal Group – Tuesdays 11 am – 1 pm

    For prenatal women as well as mothers with infants up to 18 months of age

    The pre/postnatal group promotes healthy pregnancies and postnatal health. All pregnant women and mothers of babies up to 18months are encouraged to attend. Participants are welcome to have one additional person join them. The classes begin with 30 minutes of Yoga which is led by a certified trainer, followed by an education topic promoting health moms and babies. A nutritious lunch is provided. Rides can be provided for community members on reserve.

    Topics covered include:

     Nutrition for healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding

     Fetal development

     Breadth feeding information and support

     Potential complication of pregnancy

     Drug and alcohol effect on fetal development

     The birth process; labour and delivery

     Car seat safety

     Back to sleep


    Xu’athun Tsatsup Wednesdays 10:30 am – 12 pm (Kwumut Lelum & 4SEY)

    For mothers with children up to 6 years of age

    Aboriginal parenting in today’s world. Rides provided for community members on reserve. What will be offered:

     Hands on activities

     Topic discussions

     Elder involvement to share traditional teachings

     Information on child development

     Early years parenting resources

     Mini workshops and overall Family health and wellness

     Monthly draws


    Parent Break – Thursdays 10 am – 2 pm

    For mothers or women who are caring for children

    The Parent Break Program is designed to improve parent and child relationships and develop happier families. In this program, parents get a break to improve mental health and increase self esteem. During this program, cultural practices are taught as well as other parenting skills while child minding is provided.

    Boys and Girls Groups – Tuesdays 2:30 – 4:30 pm

    For boys and girls between ages 9 and 12

    The Boys and Girls Groups are designed to introduce health and mental health issues for boys and girls during their pre-teen years. The program is designed to deal with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health including ‘coming-of-age’ and the culture around it. Recreational activities are done for the last 45 minutes of the program

    Mental Health Program

    One-on-one Counselling

    This program is designed to improve and increase healthier choices. Also, to reduce risk of suicides, ideations, attempts and competed. As well it helps improve coping skills for trauma, anger, depression and anxiety.

    Women’s Group & Men’s Group

    Women’s Group is Mondays at 4pm; Men’s Group is Wednesdays at 6pm

    The Women’s & Men’s group are designed to increase self esteem, promote a healthy lifestyle, increase volunteerism, increase trust and confidentiality; and improve teamwork, mental health, friendships, community, and social supports. It is also designed to decrease isolation.

    Alcohol and Drug Program

    This program concentrates on increased sobriety, improved coping, increase participation in treatment programs, and one-on-one counselling, mental and emotional health. The decrease in intergenerational effects of residential schools, alcohol and drug related offences, child apprehension, and suicides.

    Alcoholics support group meetings held every Friday at 2pm for community members starting their sobriety or have been sober for some time.

    Home Care Program

    Open to Community members with disabilities or Elders who require HC (assessed by HCN)

    This program provides community members health care at home. The HCN may help you manage your own care at home by providing assessment, education, medical, counselling, medical and surgical care. It is designed to improve community health, increase people living well at home, help people be able to manage their own care, independence, medication management and wound care, manage and prevent chronic disease. Also, decrease isolation for elders and seniors.

    Home Makers now fall under Health Supervision. Home makers do general house cleaning for those with disabilities and Elders who have no one else who can do this.

    Lunch Preparation is also provided with these programs.

    Dental Program –Tuesdays-Thursdays 9:00am-4:00pm

    Health Canada supplies a Dental Therapist to provide limited services to community members for dental care. This program also includes providing information on dental hygiene and awareness. We want to increase the amount of people who seek dental services and decrease periodontal disease.

    Patient Transportation

    This program is to improve accessibility for health services for community members who must travel outside of our community. We want to improve flexibility and discretion of services

    Diabetes Prevention Program

    Diabetes Support Meetings every third Thursday when scheduled; Diabetes Swim Thursdays 8pm

    What you can expect from this program is improved health and self care of a community member with diabetes, better managed diabetes, reduced body weight; improved diet, increased exercise, increased awareness and improved attitudes of diabetics, improved mental health.

    Communicable Disease Control- Immunization Program and Pandemic Control

    Information is given on how to lower sickness and also about increased immunization coverage (ideally 90-95% vaccination rate is the goal).

    Communicable Disease Control- HIV/STI’s Harm Reduction

    Learn how to decrease HIV/STI’s.

    Prevention of Food Borne Illness, and Prevention and Control of Other Diseases

    Reduce illness and disease in the community.

    TB Program

    Learn about TB rates and how to eliminate TB incidences.

    Physical Exercise-Adults

    Learn about improved/increased opportunity for physical activity, also, how to improve weight management and decrease obesity.

    Primary Health Care Services

    A separate room has been set aside as an examination room for Primary Health Care Providers. It contains almost all equipment and supplies needed for primary care for our Stz’uminus Community Members.

    Doctor Steeves provides primary health care once a month, usually on a Thursday 9:30am-noon.

    The Nurse Practitioners provide primary health care services every Monday and every first and third Thursday of the month. Every third Thursday, the NP will provide information on a specific topic. To date, only Asthma has been done. Look forward to Arthritis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), etc.

    The Midwife comes in on an as-needed basis to meet with expectant mothers


    Couples Program

    Learn to be happier, healthier in lasting relationships, healthier conflict, increased and improved abilities to set and respect boundaries, healthier children, positive role models, and cooperative parenting.

    Dad’s Group with children age 5 and under (Similar to Moms and Tots Program)

    This program concentrates on how to improve relationships with mother and children, bonding with children, confidence in parenting, and awareness of importance of fathering /role modeling, self esteem and respect, healthy discipline; playing, boundaries, labour and delivery support, and more holistic care.

    Anger Management Program

    This program offers information about decreased domestic violence and community violence (i.e. Bullying). Increase self-awareness and understanding, pride and tradition, coping strategies. Also, decrease lateral violence, suicides, racism, inter-general effects of residential school. Explains how to improve abilities to identify and manage emotions.

    Grief and Loss

    This program offers one-on-one counseling, information on group work with survivors of suicide (ASCIRT), ongoing groups, and changes in life. Identify people who need ongoing support, the decrease in isolation/hiding problems. Increase the awareness of suicide, grieving process and feeling of hope and acceptance