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    Stz’uminus First Nation Mission

    • To provide good governance based on our sacred teachings
    • To honor our stated values and to be role-modes for those values
    • To provide opportunities for our people, and to nurture and support a safe and healthy community as we strive to build the capacity of our people
    • To instill pride in a being Stz’uminus member


    Stz’uminus First Nation Vision Statements

    As the duly elected representatives of the Stz’uminus First Nation, we are the authorized government and legal authority on the Stz’uminus reserve. In this capacity, our vision is that we will:

    • Continuously exercise strong leadership in the best interest of all Stz’uminus First Nation members.
    • Work as a team that continually makes decisions in the best interest of all Stz’uminus people.
    • Be able to provide enhanced employment opportunities for our membership.
    • Effectively promote, maintain and protect the Aboriginal rights of our people.
    • Focus on opportunities, not problems, and lead rather than follow.
    • Have high standards of conduct and performance so as to make a real difference for our people.